Ander Romero, the FASUDIR coordinator, takes you for a quick overview of the project in a 4 minute video. Watch it directly here or on YouTube for subtitles in English, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.



The FASUDIR project will be a strong feature of the World Sustainable Building conference 2014, next week in Barcelona (28-30 Oct 2014).

Come learn more about the project in these sessions:

Session: 87 Date: 29-oct. Time: 15.00-16.30 Room: E3
Session Title: How reliable are previous level rating tools on an urban scale?
FASUDIR presentation: Integrated decision support tool in energy retrofitting projects for sustainable urban districts, by Ander Romero Amorrortu (TECNALIA)

Session: 107 Date: 29-oct. Time: 17.00-18.30 Room: E5
Session Title: Are we advancing towards a truly complete urban regeneration?
FASUDIR presentation: Evaluation and Development of Indicators for Sustainability Assessment of Urban Neighbourhood Renovation Projects, by Paul Mittermeier (MUAS)

Session: 132 Date: 30-oct. Time: 12.00-13.30 Room: H3    (special session!)
Session Title: Is it possible to achieve a friendly and affordable urban district retrofitting?
Moderated by Andrea Moro (iiSBE R&D), with Idoia Camiruaga (Consorcio de Santiago), Ida Kiss (ABUD), Natalie Essig (MUAS) and Valeria Ferrando (IES).


See you in Barcelona!