Case studies

The IDST shall be validated in three different European urban developments that are representative of different district typologies that are common in Europe, and especially in need of energy retrofitting initiatives:

  • Cultural heritage districts: historic city quarter of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (founded in the XIII century)
  • Communist era district from the XX century: Residential district with public buildings in Budapest, Hungary
  • Residential districts built up on the 1970’s decade of the 20th century: Heinricht-Lübke-Siedlung in Frankfurt, Germany

Wherever possible, the validation will be carried out against real data, to compare the results that are provided by the tool with the ones that were achieved by the real retrofitting project.

The case studies will be crucial to improve the global functionality and the application process of the IDST.

(Photo by CompostelaVirtual - CC BY-NC 2.0)