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Four final booklets, one factsheet, one deliverable – and a goodbye

Today is the last day of the FASUDIR project. As always we have published all our final results here on the website, including the latest D7.8 Policy Recommendations and the Results Factsheet. In particular the results have been detailed through four final booklets, which you can read right here or download as usual from the Public Documents page. The FASUDIR Project Results booklet presents an overview of the results of the FASUDIR project: the IDST baseline, the technology repository, the methodology, the IDST, the case study testing, and the involvement of stakeholders.     The IDST booklet presents the Integrated Decision Support Tool, its development process, key features, and a user manual.     The Case Studies booklet describes the FASUDIR Case Studies (Budapest, Frankfurt and Santiago de Compostela), and the demonstration and validation activities of the IDST in the case study districts.     Finally, the FASUDIR for Stakeholders booklet details the stakeholder feedback loops that guaranteed the successful development of the IDST, and presents 6 key Policy Recommendations for friendly and affordable sustainable urban districts retrofitting.     Thanks and goodbye to all of our readers, from all of us in the FASUDIR Consortium!  ...
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Technology repository and Methodology booklets now available

Two new booklets have been published, you can read them online right here: The Technology Repository booklet presents the FASUDIR repository on existing and replicable technologies and systems in use or near-application for a sustainable energy retrofitting of buildings and districts, including a collection of best practices examples.   The Decision Support Methodology booklet describes all elements of the FASUDIR Methodological framework, including user requirements & business models, information flow and interoperability requirements, interconnection between district and building scales, the Decision Support Methodology and an overview of the IDST architecture.  You can also download both files from the public documents page....
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FASUDIR Results @ Sustainable Places 2016

The final event of the FASUDIR project will be held in the context of the Sustainable Places conference 2016, in Anglet, France, on the morning of the 30th of June. The expected outcomes are to transfer lessons learnt and key project outcomes, and to identify opportunities for future exploitation and networking activities through the exchange with the audience. The FASUDIR Results Workshop will be moderated by Giulia Barbano (iiSBE Italia R&D) and will be divided in two parts: Part 1 30th June 9:00 – 10:30 10’ General overview Ander Romero Amorrortu, TECNALIA, Project Coordinator 10’ IDST Baseline Ewa Alicja Zukowska, ACCIONA 10’ Technologies and Solutions Repository Ander Romero Amorrortu, TECNALIA 30’ Decision Making Methodology Paul Mittermeier, MUAS 10’ Local Project Committees Andrea Moro, iiSBE Italia R&D 10’ Link to other projects and initatives Andrea Moro, iiSBE Italia R&D 10’ Exploitation items and avenues Alessandra Masini, D’Appolonia The first section will introduce the FASUDIR project and present the R&D developments: it will start with the baseline definition of buildings and districts, the scoping of the European context, the existing methodologies and tools, and the definition of Key Performance indicators to support decision making; then a discussion will follow of the repository approach, aimed at the definition of best practices, and the selection of existing technologies, systems and architectural solutions suitable for buildings and districts; the methodological framework will then be described, starting from user requirements, defining the interconnection between building and district scales, and presenting the developed decision making methodology to support the selection and prioritisation ...
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KPI factsheet and IDST baseline now available

The KPI factsheet, that was distributed in print during WSB14 in Barcelona, is now available for download. It is the short companion to the IDST baseline booklet, which goes further into detail in the key research carried out at the beginning of the project. You can download both files from the public documents page, or you can read the booklet online right here:...
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