To achieve the FASUDIR objectives, the work plan is structured in 7 WPs.

Project Structure

WP2 deals with the definition of the IDST baseline and the boundary conditions for integrated decision making in energy efficiency district and neighbourhood retrofitting. The WP2 will establish the necessary input for WP3 and WP4 through the definition of the data requirements, contextual framework, reference systems and indicators for the definition of a holistic system for energy efficient district retrofitting and assessment of the sustainability of the district.

WP3 and WP4 run in parallel and fully synchronized. WP3 will develop a repository on existing and replicable technologies and systems for energetic retrofitting of buildings and districts. Passive and active technologies at district level will be identified and assessed. Representative real European energy efficient districts initiatives will be identified and evaluated their results. WP4 deals with the development of the methodology for the Integrated Decision Support Tool. It will provide criteria to assess energy retrofitting interventions in buildings and sustainability impact on the district. It will also define the strategy for the integration of the project outcomes in the final tool and the definition and of the technology architecture that makes available a unified access to the different modules through the Integrated Decision Support Tool.

WP5 will take as input the outcomes of the WP3 and WP4 in order to develop the software platform. The software will integrate all the project results, combining different levels of calculation and allowing visualizing the potentials of energy related retrofitting scenarios in a comprehensive way. It will also be tested at real scale in WP6. It will use GIS technology as a common platform for data management and results visualization, and will integrate different existing and new simulation modules developed within the project.

WP6 deals with the demonstration of the IDST through three case studies. The feedback will be used to refine and achieve a final holistic IDST.

WP7 deals with the dissemination and the exploitation of the results. An awareness campaign towards stakeholders throughout the whole supply and value chain across Europe will be launched. A dissemination plan will be defined and deployed. A training plan will be outlined and training materials and e-learning modules developed. An exploitation plan will be outlined and actions to secure continuity will be agreed among the partners.

The work package’s structure is completed by WP1 – Management. This WP is active along the whole life of the project and its main goal is the coordination and management of the project and the consortium and the interaction with the EC.