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New deliverables: review of tools and innovative case studies

Two new deliverables are available on the Public Downloads page. These new reports address, respectively, the vast landscape of available tools in Europe to evaluate aspects of building and urban sustainability (D2.3 – Integration of Available Resources in the IDST Approach), and a variety of innovative experiences, perspectives, and initiatives collected as case studies and best practices for decision makers (D3.1 – Best Practices on Energy Retrofitting at District Scale)....
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First deliverables available

The first four deliverables are now available on the Public Documents page for download. The two reports from WP2 contain an overview of European districts, addressing the typical building and district typologies in Europe and associated energy consumption patterns, and the national and international policy context with regards to several issues, including energy, environment, technical, social, economic and political aspects. The two reports from WP7 accompany the communication material, including this website.  ...
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